US Equestrian is a proven online community platform that makes it easy and affordable for horse owners and enthusiasts to interact:  sell things to each other, keep up with each other, follow current events, share pictures, videos and stories, and promote their businesses.    Over the past 17 years has become our flagship community, and an important part of the equestrian community throughout Virginia. features a suite of free publishing tools for our members:  classified ads, business listings (our Green Pages), a calendar of events, articles and announcements and unlimited pictures and YouTube links.  Members manage their own information and ads, and are vigilant at self-policing the site.    People actively use the site to find boarding, jobs, tack, horses and events and shows.

A few years ago someone emailed us from Maryland, and said “boy would it be nice to have something like in Maryland!”  Well, that started the ball rolling.   We were able to replicate all the bells and whistles fairly quickly – and soon launched    A few months after that, someone contacted us from Kentucky and said “boy would it be nice to have something like in Kentucky!”  So, we did it again.

Key to our success has been keeping the site free, and keeping the content “local” to a certain state.  Each  community has become a significant resource for local equestrian information.    People share all kinds of Classified ads, their business listings on our Green Pages, their events on our Calendar, and their thoughts and ideas through our Articles.   We have continued to be amazed and excited by the enthusiasm of the communities since we first launched in 1999.

Today we are investing substantial amounts of time and resources into our next generation platform, featuring tighter integration with social platforms, better experiences on mobile devices, more intuitive workflows and much more robust feature sets.