The core team of US Equestrian has been working together for over 15 years.    The development, design, hosting and management have been the passion of our staff for as long as we can remember.   As our number of visitors has grown from the dozens, to the hundreds, to the thousands – and now in the tens of thousands – we have continued to pour our hearts into this project.   We can’t tell you how many great stories we’ve heard over the years:  stories of finding jobs, homes, horses, trucks, trailers and even sweethearts through our sites.

Chuck Ebbets
With over 20 years of experience building web applications, managing live and on-demand video libraries, selling software-as-a-service to Fortune 500 companies and generally “geeking out”, Chuck leads the way as our fearless leader.   Launching in 1999 completely on his own, he has written every line of code that runs our sites and has poured hundreds of hours into their successes.

Laurie Smith
Having managed for over a decade, Laurie has won the affection and appreciation of a considerable chunk of the equestrian community in Virginia.  You would be hard pressed to find a horse lover in the Old Dominion that doesn’t know Laurie’s name.   She has consistently been there to help businesses and individuals make the most out of our online community, and has been monumental in the general happiness of our members and visitors.  She has designed banners, led sales efforts, sent out newsletters to our members and generally kept the peace.

Mark Reinhardt
Without Mark our sites would have been dead in the water years ago.   If you have ever run a dynamic website with considerable traffic, you know one thing.   Hackers are out there, and they are relentless.  Without a good gatekeeper – your site is toast.   Mark is our network engineer, which means he is on the clock 24/7.    Through the years Mark has worked day and night to keep us up and available to our valued membership and visitors.   We honestly could not do it without him.

Danielle Aamodt
Joining the US Equestrian team in 2014, Danielle is the Director of    Her love of horses and the equestrian sports is first and foremost, and her “day job” involves selling Equine Insurance and related.    Smart, hard working and dedicated, Danielle is an integral part of our team.